To place your free ad(s) in our next edition please complete the form below.
What qualifies as a free ad?
A free ad in any personal item you are selling or giving away.
How many ads can I place?
You can place as many ads as you would like. Ads are printed on a space available basis.
Can I put more than one item per ad?
We recommend placing one item in each ad unless you are selling the items as a group/package. This allows you to take advantage of our different catagories.
How many words or lines can I have in my ad?
Free ads are limited to 25 words. Additional words are available for a small fee of $5.00. Call us at 864-978-3132 if you need additional wording.
Does my phone number count as a word?
Yes, your phone number is considered one word.
Do I have to put my phone number in my ad?
Calling is the prefered method of contact when selling your items. It helps give the buyer confidence.
How long will my ad run?
All classifieds run for one month. You can renew your ad if it does not sell the first month.
Can I cancel my ad?
If you sell your item or no longer want it to run you can cancel your ad.
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