Nine great edutainment games to get kids excited about learning

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As a parent, you are constantly being bombarded with new information on the right amount of screen time for your child. While you can aspire to raising your kid TV- or mobile-device free, that’s just not always a reality these days. Instead of feeling guilty with the amount of screen time you give them, make sure they can actually benefit from it. Finding the right apps that blend educational lessons with engaging and entertaining games that your kids will love isn’t always easy.

Here are nine edutainment apps that will have you happily handing over your mobile device the next time they ask:

1. Critter Cruise

Critter Cruise

Critter Cruise sharpens kids’ math and language arts skills as they take a zany, landmark-filled road trip across North America, filling up their gas tank by correctly answering questions. This game was developed exclusively for SylvanPlay – a new educational mobile games network that offers a library of Sylvan Learning-approved edutainment apps – all packaged together in one place. Critter Cruise also aligns to specific grade level content and Common Core curriculum.

2. Battle Station

Battle stations

Battle Station helps kids improve number sense as they defend their ship from enemy submarines by estimating their location using marker buoys.

3. Angle Asteroids

Angle Asteroids

Angle Asteroids encourages kids to develop an intuition for angles as they quickly estimate angle size and properly position their laser to blast away the incoming asteroids and protect their spaceship.

4. Pizza Party

Pizza Party

Pizza Party gets kids to master fractions and solve word problems by splitting up the treats at a pizza party with fun tools like the Slice-o-matic.

5. Equator


Equator challenges kids to collaborate to bring balance to the equator by testing their math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and order of operations as they play through four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring.

6. Sushi Scramble

sushi scramble

With Sushi Scramble kids can learn phonics and spelling through this multiplayer word-building game where two to four players collaborate or compete to “serve” up the most words or longest word to hungry customers.

7. Not Lost in the Universe

not lost in the universe

Not Lost in the Universe gets kids learning about how wind, the sun, water and heat create lasting sources of energy, while helping the brave explorers on the Planet Blarp refuel their power cells.

8. Get Rocky

Get rocks

Get Rocky inspires an interest in science in kids through a geology-based racing game that takes kids on a crazy adventure to the core of the earth.

9. Wonder Bunny Math Race

Wonder Bunny

Wonder Bunny Math Race introduce kids as young as 3 to the fundamental concepts behind numbers, counting, addition and subtraction as they help Wonder Bunny win the race and collect carrots along the way.

All these games can be found on the SylvanPlay network, developed by Fingerprint, and are designed to reinforce grade-appropriate lessons for kids in grades one through four. To download to any mobile device, parents can type in “SylvanPlay” or any of the app titles into the search function of either the Apple App store or Android’s GooglePlay store to locate the educational mobile games network. Follow Sylvan Learning on Facebook and Twitter for more SylvanPlay updates.

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