10 Reasons To Advertise

Ten reasons
why you should
advertise in
The Upstate Shopper

  1. Printing 15,000 copies each week (and growing)
  2. An average of 2.9 people read each paper picked up.
  3. At least 30,000 shoppers read
  4. The UpstateShopper each week.The Upstate Shopper reaches approximate-ly 1 out of every 4 households in our dis-tributing area.
  5. Our readers are shoppers. They are lookingfor the goods and services you are providing
  6. The Upstate Shopper is FREE to yourcustomers and available in over 400 locations throughout Spartanburg,Cherokee, Polk, Greenville & Union counties.
  7. The Upstate Shopper stays in the house-hold for 3 to 3 1/2 days.
  8. Service. The Upstate Shopper accountrepresentative will become your own in-house advertising agency.
  9. The Upstate Shopper is locally ownedand operated.
  10. Cost. Compare rate of $6.00 per inch tothe rate of other local print media.
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