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Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.

— Chinese Proverb

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Gym-free fitness ideas anyone can do

Visiting a gym to lift weights or take a class is great for your health. However, busy schedules, tight budgets and simply not feeling like the gym environment is for you are reasons that frequently cause people to stop going. Fortunately, being fit...

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Conserve energy and save money this fall by weatherizing your home with these easy tips

Cooler seasonal temperatures can have an impact on not only your home, but also your wallet. Along with adjusting your thermostat as the cooler weather embraces much of the country, weatherizing your home also has a direct impact on the amount of ene...

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Changes in your household? Tips for updating your insurance

The American household is changing. The typical single-family home has evolved in the 21st century. Today, it’s not uncommon for older parents to move in with their grown children, and with the combined rise in housing costs and debt from colle...

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Tips to stop drafts, save money and improve your home

Can you imagine keeping your windows open all winter long? The heat loss, cold drafts and all that money spent on wasted energy would be staggering. But if your home has folding pull-down attic stairs, a whole-house fan, a fireplace or clothes dryer,...

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5 simple tips for the perfect birthday goodie bag

Birthday parties are an exciting time for all, from the party games to the presents and delicious cake, birthdays are an occasion for family and friends to come together and celebrate. There are so many ways to make a birthday party special, but why...

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If you become disabled or laid off, how can you pay your bills?

The transmission on your car fails resulting in a trip to the repair garage. Your appendix bursts requiring an overnight hospitalization. A windstorm damages your roof causing a leak. What do these situations have in common? They’re examples of...

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6 fast and fun after-school snack ideas

Reading, writing, arithmetic and so much more – school days are busy for kids. Lunch period provides a welcome break, but some schools schedule lunch as early as 10:30. By the end of the day, kids are famished. When your star students arrive ho...

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